4JM Solutions was founded to offer an added value to various industries through its expertise in engineering solutions, technical services, industrial automation and distribution of high tech equipment. Through our own staff and international renowned partners we strive to offer excellence to our customers. 

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During the several years of operation, 4JMSolutions have become one of the leading providers of used equipment within various industries. 4JMSolutions is well connected with numerous end users and also strategic partners in many countries, ensuring a wide range of equipemnt with competitive prices.



4JMSolutions was setup and built upon more than 3 decades of providing customer support. The company has many years of experience in maintaining high-end equipment and also providing our customers valuable feedback to increase their equipment efficiency and productivity also offering in and out of warranty service on our Products



4JMSolutions offers various high quality materials, ranging from Test pins & Sockets, Silicon Pick-up tools and Various Front-End & Back-End Equipment for Assembly, Vision and Test. All of which can be found under the Equipment and Tools Pages.

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