Company profile

4JMSolutions (Malta) Ltd. was founded, in 2008, on a solid base of international servicing and more than 25 years of high end industrial experience. 4JMS was based on two main pillars, Service and Equipment Remarketing. However along the years the company has adapted to the industrial needs to maintain a leading edge and has also diversified into offering Logistic services and Product Sales.

4JMS prides its self in delivering excellent service support, offering to its current clients a holistic approach to all their needs. The company seeks to provide comprehensive professional service based mainly in the Semiconductor industry. Ranging from Front-end to Back-end equipment 4JMS is currently the local leader for the industry.In addition to the service 4JMS’ also offers Equipment remarketing.

This sector of the company started out primarily in the Semiconductor industry, but 4JMS has expanded its client database and now offers this service to many other industries including Pharmaceutical. Through its wide selection of contacts and clients 4JMS offers a great range of possibilities for all requirements. 4JM Solutions strive to have a continuous flow of equipment from End Users this enables us to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.

Seeing that the majority of its clients are not local 4JMS has set-up a logistic service, to further provide better service to its patrons. Having consignment stock stored in our facilities we provide stock taking and door delivery when needed.4JMSolutions is always striving to further improve its products and services and the company is always keen on new projects.


To provide our customers with leading edge products, 
support and innovative solutions with our services and products aiming to
Surpass expectations, Working through excellence, Provide the highest of standards,
Be recognized as a leading supplier with our services and products for advanced automation and engineering solution
Offering holistic and turnkey solutions, for any requirement, with minimal cost and maximum efficiency.